Drama on the Guadalupe River

Drama on the Guadalupe River

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Calico Box Crab - South Texas coastline


Headed offshore Honolulu


Cold Guadalupe River morning


Busted up from Fighting

This old buck has had a solid month of chasing does and fending off his competition. He's a battle worn warrior and his head gear and marks around his neck show very violent fights with other bucks. The docile whitetail deer isn't as docile as most realize. They can and will fight using their horns as daggers with considerable leg and body strength to drive these daggers deeply into an opponent.

Offshore winds - Texas Surf

3ft high and sandy green - South Texas surf on a small clean day.

Sisterly Love

There is a definitive maternal instinct within the female whitetail deer species. This may be the child of the older doe with an even younger daughter in the foreground.

Wild Turkey on the Strut

A wonderful spring moment - just around the corner.

Blanco River