Drama on the Guadalupe River

Drama on the Guadalupe River

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well Hello Young Fella!

After an active fall - early winter rut, this young whitetail buck is healthy and fit. I mosied out into my favorite whitetail scene this evening, many does feeding throughout the open fields but the bucks simply didn't show. I finally picked this young buck up working into the field edge. He's cautious and keenly watched me at distance before moving on.

As it is during late winter, the scene is literally all brown, overcast skies didn't pop much color. Never the less, I always enjoy these encounters....many of them never even allowing me a shot with the lens. Ghosts...they simply drift in.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Elk at Sunset

Mr. Majestic on his feed along a small lake edge.

Busted up Elk

A young North American bull elk. At one time, they roamed the entire lower 48 States of the United States. Due to land fragmentation, hunting pressure during the 1700 - 1800s and cattle operation expansion, they have now been reduced to the western quadrant of the country. In spite of this.....they are thriving within their respective regions due to well managed Federal & State Wildlife Management programs.

The Guadualape River on Roar

After a long day, the loud roar of the Guadalupe River simply soothes the soul.

During the Depression

My Grandmother sewed with this old Singer sewing machine. Well over 80 years old now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Killing Fields

The sad result of oak wilt. Oak wilt is a fungal disease, originating in Eastern Russia, spreading to North America via human trade. The number one tree disease in North America. Infected trees block their cambial tissues (the vascular core) in a defensive measure to control further spread throughout it's tree system. The blocking move cuts off nutrients and water, eventually killing the tree from the top, working down through the trunk into it's root system.

Rapa Nui - Easter Island - The Texas Hill Country?!?!?!?

The artist "Al Shepperd's" work near Hunt Texas USA. Just a touch of life out here near home.....far away from urbanization, chaos, politics, fast food....well you get where I'm coming from.

Y'all don't need a flight to some far off place to enjoy living.....just drop on in to the Lone Star State sometime and tool the backroads will Ya - SON! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Brush Country

Full of thorns, rattlesnakes, mountain lions and big whitetail....heaven! :)

Señor Javelina

A javelina cruising through the brush - South Texas

South Texas Cardinal

Vibrant colors in the brush country.

Green Jay

In the South Texas, Northern Mexico region. Beautiful colored birds....I do believe they handily beat the BlueJay down in spades!

Jump Buck Jump!

I caught this young buck leaping a fence in South Texas.

Endangered Species - Peyote Cactus

I found a pile of peyote cactus growing wild in the brush country of South Texas. I photographed several specimens and found one that was un-earth and growing side-ways. Very resilient plants, from a completely uneducated observation, but to survive with a lot of it's root system exposed....tough plants.

Classified an endangered species here in Texas, left them undisturbed as found.

South Texas Sunset

Photographed near the Texas/Mexico border deep in the South Texas brush country.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Morning Paper

Same routine - new medium.....as the clock ticks forward.

Home From Work

The Southwestern skies over the Texas Hill Country near my home.......solitude, peace and reflection, I hate urbanization.

Good Morning!

24 degrees.....just a beautiful cool Texas Hill Country morning!

Him & Her on a wintery Hill Country mesa

Wintertime Whitetail

This young buck is an offspring of an old majestic buck I've named High Hat. High Hat was no where to be seen but his son's ghosted out of the mountain junipers paralleling their fathers habit.