Drama on the Guadalupe River

Drama on the Guadalupe River

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Death Along a Flooded River

Last night (April 15) the Upper reaches of the Guadalupe River flooded in a classic flash flood event. This scene is near Hunt Texas, a dead crawfish laying along the roadway. The river crested last night around 1 am, 13.5ft above normal. Last night's flood line was roughly 10ft over the dead crawfish's body. if you look closely at the river's other side, a pickup truck sits standed along the west bank, unable to cross till the water subsides. Last night's flash flood hit the distant trucks mark at flood peak.

Several miles to the North of this spot, near Hunt, 3 people were swept into the River as they attempted to cross low water crossings at night in their vehicles. Two women were rescued, one clinging to a tree for literally an hour before the White Water Rescue Team pulled her free. The other woman was swept off into the River in her car and somehow managed to swim to shore saving her life. The third person, a male, was swept off into the river in his vehicle....his body has yet been recovered.

The Texas Hill Country river system is very dangerous...most particularly after sunset when river crossing conditions are not easily read by motorists who think they can cross.

This region has experienced constant rain this year, ground saturation levels beyond spring time conditions. Last night's flash flood followed 3 days of non-stop rain with heavy Thunderstorms working the Upper reaches of the Guadalupe River Valley right around sundown.

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